vendor info

Hi there! 

Thank you for your interest in Vintage & Makers Market! We're so happy you're here! We have several markets a year and we pride ourselves on providing a way for small businesses to grow in the community, a fun shopping experience for our customers, and standing out as an amazing market.

Some things you need to know before applying to our markets:

Please read through our TERMS & CONDITIONS before applying. We do not refund any fees for any reason(s). Our fees are used to pay for up-front costs such as the venues, advertising the event, entertainment (live music), administrative fees, etc. 

We have specific setup times for each event. Most events will be set up the morning of the market, however there are some events that we will allow setup the night before. 

You will need to provide your own tent and items for display (tables, chairs, etc.). All tents must have a total of 40lbs of weight for safety reasons. 

Our markets won't always be at the same venue. Some venues will require certain licenses, insurance, certificates, etc. and we will always provide this information to potential vendors before opening up applications.

Our events are rain or shine. We will try to accommodate weather issues into our events, such as delay/time changes, but we might not always be able to do that. Please be sure you are prepared for all situations.

We will provide booth/table placements and timeslots for setting up/tearing down with enough notice before the events. 

We do not allow MLM or Direct Sales businesses at our events. We are a market solely for small businesses of makers, artisans, handmade items, vintage items, boutiques, etc.